About Us
In its journey that started in 2017, Likya Wood Industry; With its ever-growing workforce and production capacity, twenty-two acre provides modern wood industry production in its facility. Industry 4.0 and internationally accepted standards within the framework of; is one of the leading manufacturers of the sector with its competent management and production staff. in requested dimensions, pallet and timber production; provides service with wooden pallets, timber, and closed case products.
In different product ranges, pine (red, black, yellow, white) cherry, maple, walnut, cedar, black acacia, birch, beech, also provides the procurement process of elm and walnut-derived trees.
Our Vision
We manage our economic, social, environmental and ethical codes with our corporate sustainability identity. In order to increase the service quality of our partners and to maintain the balance of natural life and resources at the maximum level; We believe in the power of leading, sustainable, effective and efficient production.
Our Mission
Sustainable production with the aim of providing the strongest support to our business partners and stakeholders; contemporary understanding of quality, To provide services with a competitive price policy and a transparent management approach.
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